Established in January 2004, the Jordanian-Canadian Business Association is a non-profit organization whose general mandate is to deepen economic ties between Jordan and Canada. Our member base is made of Canadian and Jordanian businessmen who share a common interest in increasing trade and investment between the two nations.

The Association maintains close ties with local and Canadian governments as well as the Canadian embassy in Amman in order to facilitate dialogue between entrepreneurs.


  • Support Jordanian-Canadian ties
  • Develop tourism between the two countries
  • Promote trade and investment opportunities between Jordan and Canada
  • Facilitate dialogue between Jordanian and Canadian entrepreneurs
  • Provide information to those interested in investing in Canada
  • Promote charitable social and cultural activities
  • Connect Jordanian companies establishing subsidiaries in Canada with
    appropriate government entities

JOCABA has been very active in the community through networking luncheons, dinners and workshops led by high-profile speakers and charity events such us the 2010 Gala Dinner where proceeds were donated to the Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged.

Read more about our membership package on our membership page or send us an inquiry on jocaba@jocaba.net